Quinn executive left with "life-changing injuries" after "savage" attack

Police say an a 50-year-old businessman who was abducted and assaulted in Co Fermanagh last night...
Stephen McNeice
Stephen McNeice

09.46 18 Sep 2019

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Quinn executive left with &quo...

Quinn executive left with "life-changing injuries" after "savage" attack

Stephen McNeice
Stephen McNeice

09.46 18 Sep 2019

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Police say an a 50-year-old businessman who was abducted and assaulted in Co Fermanagh last night suffered "life-changing" injuries.

Quinn Industrial Holdings executive Kevin Lunney suffered brutal injuries to his legs, torso and face after he was abducted outside his home at around 6:40pm yesterday.

The Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan has described the attack as "sinister and unacceptable."


A cross border investigation has been launched.

Kevin Lunney abduction PSNI Superintendent Clive Beatty update media on the attack and abduction of Quinn Industrial Holdings COO Kevin Lunney, 18-09-2019 Image: Liam McBurney/PA Wire/PA Images

"Severe, brutal injuries"

At a press conference this afternoon PSNI Superintendent Clive Beattie said Mr Lunney's car was rammed before masked men smashed in his windows, pulled him from it and bundled him into another car.

He said it is believed four men were involved.

"They drove for a period of time to an unknown location whereupon he was removed from the vehicle and savagely beaten about the body," he said.

"He sustained severe, brutal injuries to his legs torso and face.

"After this savage attack, he was then bundled into another vehicle, driven for another short period of time and then he was dumped on the side of the road just outside Cavan to fend for himself with his severe injuries.

"Thankfully a passer-by came across him very soon after."

He was found at around 9pm and taken to hospital.

"Ongoing situation"

In a statement this morning, building products firm Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH) confirmed that their Director and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Lunney was the victim of the attack.

It said he has now been hospitalised for a "broken leg and range of other very severe but non-life-threatening injuries."

The organisation said two cars were found on fire near Mr Lunney's home earlier yesterday evening.

The group said this is the latest in a string of assaults and arson attacks at or near the homes or businesses of senior staff.

Superintendent Beattie confirmed that there has been an "ongoing situation in the area for some time," noting that this is the "most severe and savage attack" there has been at the company or in the area.

He said investigators are "keeping an open mind" and insisted police will use all their "force and might" to bring to justice " those people who are committing offences in the area and against the company."

He said Mr Lunney was able to provide investigators with some information - but said his "severe and savage" injuries are life-changing if not life-threatening.

"Frustrated and angry"

QIH chairman Adrian Barden said: "For several hours last evening Kevin’s wife, family and very many friends were left to contemplate the worst.

"Like many of his colleagues I am frustrated and angry that more has not been done to protect Kevin who will require some considerable time to recover from the very severe injuries sustained in this brutal attack."

"We are now calling for the police authorities north and south to act quickly and decisively to prevent an inevitable loss of life by bringing those responsible to justice."

Police appeal

The PSNI said it is liaising with Gardaí following the abduction and assault.

Investigators are appealing for witnesses or anyone with "any information whatsoever" to come forward.

They are particularly interested in information on a silver BMW acting suspiciously in and around the Derrylin area of Fermanagh yesterday evening.

They are also appealing for information on a Black Audi Saloon that "drove away at speed" from the area.

Kevin Lunney abduction The Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan discusses the attack on Quinn Industrial Holdings COO Kevin Lunney with media at the National Ploughing Championships, 18-09-2019. Image: Leah Farrell/RollingNews

"Sinister and vicious"

Here, the Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said the abduction was a 'most sinister and vicious attack'.

Minister Flanagan said: "No stone will be left unturned in order to bring these people to justice... [there's] a very close level of cooperation between the PSNI in the North and An Garda Síochana here.

"These type of attacks are both sinister and unacceptable, and I hope those who are responsible will be brought to justice at an early date."

Main image: Kevin Lunney via Quinn Industrial Holdings
Additional reporting from Michael Staines

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