Ask The GP: 'My jaw keeps painfully clicking'

Dr Sumi Dunne takes your questions in this week's 'Ask the GP' on Lunchtime Live
Jack Quann
Jack Quann

17.50 29 Jan 2024

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Ask The GP: 'My jaw keeps pain...

Ask The GP: 'My jaw keeps painfully clicking'

Jack Quann
Jack Quann

17.50 29 Jan 2024

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People who have a clicking jaw should see their GP first, who may then send them on to a dentist.

That's according to Dr Sumi Dunne in this week's 'Ask the GP' on Lunchtime Live.

One listener wanted to know what was behind their jawbone clicking whenever they open and close their mouth, remarking that it is painful when it happen.


Dr Dunne said this case could fall into GP or a dentist.

"GPs are not teeth and jaw specialists, but it is worth us taking a look to make sure that the oral cavity is OK," she said.

"That can be assessed with your GP - if we felt it needed specialist intervention, then we'd ask you to go and see your dentist or vice-versa.

"You can click, it's almost like how people click their fingers - it could be something as simple as that.

"If it is that and it's nothing sinister going on, it might just be something that a different movement or some gentle massage might alleviate."

Probiotic after COVID

Another listener asked if taking a probiotic while suffering from, or just after COVID-19, could speed up recovery?

"It's not going to do you any harm whatsoever," Dr Dunne said.

"At an individual level, if it makes you feel good, great.

"We do know there's some great things in probiotics with regard to gut regulation and getting your gut health good.

"It's not going to do you any harm whatsoever, so by all means please go ahead and take it."

Pain while urinating

Another listener aged in their 50s asked about 'horrendous pain' while needing to and after urinating.

"If you're feeling that unwell you really do need to get your urine dipped in the GP to make sure there isn't an active lower tract infection," Dr Dunne said.

"If it's recurrent and happening on a cyclical basis, particularly in women around the time of menstruation, that's something to be aware of.

"If we're moving into our early 50s, it could be a case that you might need some vaginal estrogen.

"As we came through our perimenopause into our menopause journey, we start to loose estrogen from the tissues in the vagina.

"They're the tissues that keep the vagainal area nice and plump and when they start to thin through the perimenopause-menopause journey, you get an increased frequency of these kind of symptoms.

"Some topical vaginal estrogen, providing it's not contraindicated, is absolutely fine".

Nipple lump

One parent said their 12-year-old son has a pea-sized lump under nipple

"Please come in, we do need to examine it," Dr Dunne said.

"It's highly unlikely it's anything sinister but it is something that we as GPs would just like to examine to make sure that everything's OK.

"The most likely issue is a little bit of fatty tissue just sitting around the areola in what we call the ductal area," she added.

Text your questions for next week to 087-1400-106.

Main image: Dr Sami Dunne answers your questions on Lunchtime Live. Image: Newstalk 

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