Apple promotes becoming an organ donor in iOS 10

The new software will let you sign up right from a dedicated app

Apple promotes becoming an organ donor in iOS 10

Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about Health apps during an Apple event | Photo: PA Images

Apple has a unique history with healthcare, and now one of the closest healthcare services to the company's heart is getting a major feature in the next version of iOS.

The iOS Health app has been a hidden gem of the iPhone's built-in app collections, with a huge range of support for fitness and health tracking. Now, you will be able to sign up to be an organ donor right in the app in iOS 10.

The app features a health card that lists all your information and will list you as a registered donor.

It's obvious to assume that this feature came from the very top of Apple management.

CEO Tim Cook offered a part of his liver to Apple founder Steve Jobs when he had cancer. Cook described the wait for a donor for Jobs as "excruciating".

In 2010, Jobs helped a bill pass into law in California to speed up the process of finding a matching donor.

iOS 10 will be available to download later this year.