You'll soon be able to order pizza right from Facebook and Twitter

Pizza Hut is letting you get deals and offers through Messenger

It's been trivial to order food from your smartphone for a while now, but now doing it through social media is becoming reality.

Pizza Hut has announced that it will soon allow customers in the US to order pizzas through Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

The ordering process will be very conversational through these platforms, where you'll be able to send a message in plain English to Pizza Hut and get back information on deals or your recent orders.

It's also another way for Pizza Hut to directly send you information they want you to see, such as promotions. So long leaflets in the door but hello unwanted messages.

When you add Pizza Hut as a friend on Facebook, then you'll be able to message its chatbot that'll get all the info to you as well as take your order.

More and more we're seeing brands moving into Messenger chatbot territory. As Facebook has poised Messenger to be your all in one assistant as well as messaging service, it makes sense for brands to be jumping in there, even if it seems it's by Facebook's blessing only.

Should Facebook eventually open up access to Messenger more, it could be worrying as all these unwanted pages could suddenly started getting in the way and sending you messages.

It's hard to see this happen soon, as the security and handiness of Messenger is Facebook's crown jewel, but don't be surprised to see more and more features shoehorned in there.