You can now use Eircode to find places on Google Maps

One of the key criticisms of the new postcode system has finally been resolved...

Entering an Eircode into Google Maps will now give you the exact co-ordinates for that location.

Reddit user scannderdarkley revealed last night that the latest Google Maps update for Android included the helpful feature, and Newstalk can confirm it now works across all platforms.

While entering an Eircode won't give you the exact street address linked to it, it will pinpoint the building's exact GPS location on the map, making it easy to get directions to the place.

There have been complaints that the Eircode postcode system hadn't been compatible with SatNav devices and Google Maps since it was rolled out in Summer 2015. It wasn't the only criticism it has faced. As previously reported, 96% of logistics firms do not use the system and have no intentions of doing so in the near future.

The translation of Irish language names and addresses into English during the rollout also caused the highest ever number of complaints to the Coimisinéir Teanga. The Irish language commissioner, Rónan Ó Dómhnaill, noted in his latest annual report that sending out postcode information in English was in breach of the obligation to use Gaeltacht place names.

Eircode did receive some positive feedback from business just last week, however, when courier firm Nightline credited its introduction as being part of the reason why the company is planning a €3m expansion.

CEO John Tuohy said:

"The implementation of Eircodes has also greatly improved our business’ efficiency and has allowed us to enhance our customer delivery experience."