You can now sign up for a screen writing course taught by Aaron Sorkin

Sorkin is known all over the world for his pithy dialogue from 'The West Wing' and 'A Few Good Men'

Aaron Sorkin, Screenwriting, Master Class, Course

Aaron Sorkin is shown in the press room at the 83rd annual Academy Awards [FRANCIS SPECKER / EMPICS Entertainment]

At a time when the political world is in turmoil, if you ever fancied yourself as the architect of the fictional corridors of power you can now sign up for a screenwriting master class with none other than The West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin. The Oscar-winning writer of The Social Network is set to reveal his walk-and-talk trade secrets to writers all over the world for the price of €82.

The American magazine Vanity Fair outlined what students can expect, with Sorkin divulging his “rules of storytelling, dialogue, and character development,” across 25 video lessons, a 30-page workbook, and interactive assignments. You can watch the trailer for the classes below:

“There’s a great tradition of writers from one generation giving a hand to the next group coming up – a tradition I got a lot of benefit from. I think new screenwriters will come away from the MasterClass with a new sense of confidence,” Sorkin says.

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