Would you pay €2,000 for a coffee machine?

The next generation of DeLonghi machines have been unveiled

A number of DeLonghi and Kenwood products were on display in London yesterday afternoon. We got to go along for a hands on look at what the future of kitchen appliances will be. 

This was one of the most fun product events I’ve been to – I saw product in action, rather than standing on shelves, looking pristine. DeLonghi are giants in the kitchen space. They make everything from kettles and toasters to breadmakers and coffee machines – and it’s the machines I want to focus on for a minute. 

The DeLonghi Prima Donna Elite has a feature which is one of a kind. There’s nothing like this on any other machine. This has Bluetooth connectivity. So, picture this – you’re going to bed on a Thursday evening and place your mug beneath the dispenser and go to bed. When you wake up on Friday, you unlock your phone and open the DeLonghi app. Select what coffee you want, and off it goes! 

By using the app coffee drinkers can customise their coffee – so if you want an extra strong cup and for the water to be that bit hotter, you can do that. Want an extra shot? Just tap the screen on your phone.

This machine is stunning – it’s beautiful to look at but it’s big. It looks almost industrial sized, but is aimed at the consumer.

Now, brace yourself as here comes the pricetag. This device will cost you £1,500 which is just under €2,000.

Would you pay that?

I’ve been thinking about it and if I had that sort of money lying around, I would as it’s an investment. I am a big coffee drinker. I have a Nespresso machine and an Aeropress. I buy fancy beans and would like to have a the option of tailoring the coffee I drink.

I may well be alone in that regard. They do have other machines with less connectivity but the similar options for tailoring your coffee.


We also had a look at some of the Kenwood product in action. I reviewed their K Mix machine last year and was really impressed by it. This is a kitchen appliance that does a whole host of functions, easily. So I had one for review for 2 weeks and came into the office with buns and scones – I was incredibly popular back then.

Their latest flagship is the Kenwood ChefSense which is a foodprocessor but you can add a whole host of accessories onto it. So for example you can add a blender, a sausage maker or a pasta maker to it. It’s really incredible to watch. The device itself costs €549, but I just checked the Arnotts website there and it’s on sale at the moment at €494.

Another Kenwood device worth checking out is the Pure Juice. This is a juicer and sorbet maker; very fancy indeed.

What’s great about this device is that there is zero prep time required. Simply switch it on and throw your fruit and veg into it. Full carrots can be popped in without chopping them up. The idea is that the internals of this machine squeeze and press the life out of the fruit and veg. This gives you the maximum out of each thing you place into it. The pulp comes out of the machine bone dry.

This costs €270 and will be available soon.