Working parents do not have the time to get to know their children, study suggests

Research has been set up to find ways to improve children's health

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File photo of a mother holding the hand of a new baby | Image: Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire/Press Association Images

A new report claims working parents risk damaging their children's health by not spending quality time with them.

Research conducted by experts from University College Cork (UCC) for the Department of Children suggests that busy mothers and fathers do not have the time to get to know their offspring.

The study was set up to find ways to improve children's health, and it will feed into the National Obesity Plan.

Extracts from the study have been reported by the Irish Independent, with the full findings expected to be published later this month. 

Dr Sheila Geraghty is the academic coordinator with the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre in NUIG.

She told Newstalk Breakfast it is quality, and not quantity, that matters when it comes to family time.

"If you're driving in the car to an after school activity, it's having the radio off and having conversations," she explained.

"It's when you're with the children in the playground, not being on your phone. There's lots of ways you can make your time with your children of really good quality."