Woof justice? Calls for tighter legislation for dog owners

Proposals on noise pollution are among those being considered

Woof justice? Calls for tighter legislation for dog owners

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There are calls for stricter laws on dog control.

The Oireachtas Petitions Committee discussed the issue on Wednesday.

Among proposals being considered are issues relating to noise pollution and dogs being kept on leashes in public places.

Arjita Chawla submitted the petition back in August, asking that the Oireachtas to "tighen legislation to enable prosecution of dog owners for dog fouling, off leash and unattended and the consequences arising from same".

Fianna Fáil Senator Catherine Ardagh told Newstalk Breakfast she thinks this is a good idea.

"Ultimately people have higher and higher expectations as we go forward in relation to their public places and more and more people are living in larger towns and larger cities.

"So there's sort of an onus, there's an expectation on people and there's an onus on State to have our parks, our streets a lot more litter-free when it comes to dog litter".

"There was a poll done, I think in 2013, where 40% of dog owners don't actually even pick up after their dog.

"I think there should be more of a call-out for special parks.

"I know Marley Park have a dog zone, where people can let their dog off in this particular zone and give them the opportunity to run around while it doesn't offend people who want to enjoy the rest of the park.

"There's also the public health concerns in relation to dog fouling...so there's these issues that have to be taken into account".

She also points out that there are only 16 litter wardens working for Dublin City Council, suggesting: "I think we need to do more in terms of giving Dublin City Council a better budget for enforcement of litter fines and tracking down people".