With 'Tinder Social', the dating app is getting its group on

Groups of friends will be able to match with other groups, "making socialising easier once you're out and about"

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Tinder, the popular dating and hook up app, has just unleashed a new option to users in Australia, who will officially trial a group dating model called Tinder Social. The function allows groups of friends to band together and then meet other groups to head for a night out on the town/organise logistics for potential orgiastic swingers’ parties.

When using the app, Aussie guinea pigs will now have the option to switch to ‘group mode’, allowing them to swipe left and right on other groups. If two groups match, all members of those groups will then be entered into a Whatsapp-style chat engine.

From Tinder's blog, here's how the app's developers innocently envisage its users taking to Tinder Social [Tinder]

"It's a way to go places full of people you’ve already matched with, making socialising so much easier once you’re out and about," says Tinder. "Whether you’re looking for groups you share common interests with, or you’re looking for a completely new adventure, Tinder Social is a better way to go out with friends."

All in all, it seems like finally there is a legitimate excuse to swipe right on a profile in the hope that you can actually get to speak to the hot decoy friend instead.

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