Why a career in accountancy could be for you - 4 questions to ask yourself

Are you interested in developing your skills or a new career?

If you love numbers, enjoy a challenge, hard work and fast-paced days, you've probably made the right decision thinking about becoming an accountant. Or if you love all of the above and haven't considered it, you should! 

Accountancy might sound straightforward on the outside but having an accountancy qualification opens up doors to countless industries and opportunities in every sector, from technology to retail, media, property and everything in between. 

You can take your career to the next level with a professional qualification from Chartered Accountants Ireland, the countries largest and most prestigious accountancy body. Being a Chartered Accountant opens doors in Ireland and around the globe. So if this sounds like it's up your street, here are 4 questions to ask yourself:

1. Are you a good communicator? 

While you'd be forgiven for thinking accounting was mostly about number crunching or balancing books, it's not all about the numbers.

As an accountant, you might use your numerical skills to do your work but you need to use your communication skills to be able to present your insights to your boss. That’s why people, negotiation and listening skill are critical.

Not everyone you will work with or for will have as in-depth an understanding of things like finance or taxes so it's important you need to be able to explain everything in a way that understandable to all in layman's terms. 

2. Do you always ask why? 

As an accountant, it is very much your job to be inquisitive. No matter where you work, you will be handling and managing sensitive assets and it's your job to keep this information safe and in the right order. This part of the job is particularly rewarding for anyone who is naturally curious as you are constantly questioning things, digging in and investigating wherever there is a discrepancy, an issue or an opportunity. 

3. How do you handle being in the hot seat? 

You might think accountants work in solitude in their offices or go to meetings all day but that's rarely the case. If you are an accountant, your day-to-day could involve everything from leading a team to presenting to the board or a new client. So, it helps if you are naturally outgoing and enjoy interacting with people at work. Accountants are go-to people in every organisation so you can bet you will be called on more often than not.  

4. Do you enjoy learning? 

Training to be an accountant doesn't stop when you finish college or your course. Throughout your career, you will continue to learn and this provides endless opportunities for career progression. 

With Chartered Accountants Ireland, you can gain a professional qualification that will further your career and enable you join over 26,000 others in becoming a member of Ireland's fastest growing accountancy body. Of those, 64% are working in business and 25% in practice with the balance working in the public sector.

If money motivates you a career as a Chartered Accountant can boost your earning potential according to a recent Leinster report, Chartered Accountants are in high demand, with average annual earnings at almost €110K.

Are you interested in improving your skills or a new career? Visit Chartered Accountants Ireland website to find out more about how you can attend one of their free open evenings in Dublin, Cork or Belfast.