White House journalists gifted new espresso machine by Tom Hanks

The Oscar-winning actor encouraged the press corps to "keep up the good fight"

White House journalists gifted new espresso machine by Tom Hanks

Picture by: Andrew Harnik/AP/Press Association Images

Tom Hanks has provided journalists at the White House with an espresso machine, encouraging them to "keep up the good fight".

Donald Trump's administration has made no secret of its hostile relationship with many major mainstream media outlets.

President Trump recently branded journalists as "the enemy of the American people". He has also repeatedly attacked individual outlets such as the New York Times and CNN.

Last week, the White House barred several media outlets from a briefing held by President Trump's Press Secretary, Sean Spicer.

Meanwhile, journalists have broken a number of stories that have proven inconvenient or frustrating for the new administration - including numerous reports concerning Trump aides' contacts with Russian officials.

Amid the ongoing tensions, the White House press corps have received an unexpected gift from a supportive Oscar-winning actor.

Tom Hanks sent a note with the new coffee machine, encouraging journalists to "keep up the good fight for truth, justice and the American way. Especially for the truth part".