What's going on at Samsung in the wake of yet another Note 7 scandal?

The company has altered its production schedule following the battery dissues

The release of the Galaxy Note 7 has provided tech giant Samsung with a continuous string of headaches since its release on September 2nd. The curious case of the exploding batteries has not been resolved, despite a global recall and exchange programme. 

The latest statement published by Samsung Electronics states the company is "temporarily" altering its production schedule to "ensure quality and safety matters". The company has not confirmed if it has halted its production of the phone, following reports of replacement devices catching fire.

Samsung is investigating those reports, along with the US authorities. This issue is a source of great difficulty for the company who had promised consumers that devices with the green battery icon are safe.

US mobile operators, AT&T and T-Mobile, are no longer issuing replacement devices consumers. 


The initial battery issue was blamed on one of the two battery suppliers for the phones. The company issued statements saying they were confident the issue had been isolated and rectified. This does not seem to be the case, however, as further issues continue to emerge.  

We have contact Samsung for a statement.