What you need to know about the changes to Three's pre-pay offering

Here's how it will impact you...

Three is in the process of making big changes to its pricing structure, for both bill-pay and pre-pay customers.

You'll find all you need to know about the changes to your monthly bill here, but if you're a pre-pay customer, read on.

As of May 15th, Three is changing the terms for the €20 top-up. Customers will be required to top up every 28 days, rather than 30. There will also be just 2GB of data to "use like home" whilst travelling across the EU, rather than 'All You Can Eat'.

The structure of the new €20 pre-pay offer looks like this.

Customers will still have access to "All You Can Eat" data whilst at home. 

What does this mean for me?

It means you're topping up your account more frequently and that the notion of 'roam like home' does not really apply to you if you're a heavy data user.  

Mobile networks are continuing to work out how to survive once roaming is abolished within the EU. This and 'the cost of doing business' are thought to be the reasons behind the change.  

If you're considering moving to pre-pay on Three, the network is offering up to €60 off a device if you switch your number to Three. The May discounts are:

  • iPhone SE 32GB reduced from €459.99 to €399.99
  • Samsung J3 reduced from €159.99 to €129.99
  • Samsung J5 reduced from €189.99 to €169.99

If you're looking to see what other offers are out there on all networks, click here.