Want to BreakFree? Here's the app that'll help you quit your smartphone

Or help reduce how much you check it, at the very least

Seeing as many of us are in that "New Year, New Me" phase, here's an app worth checking out. It's called BreakFree and seeks to abolish our smartphone addictions. It's available on both iOS and Android for free. 

"How many times a day do you think you check your phone? Once every hour? Once every 30 minutes? You most likely are wrong. Study shows that an average adult checks his phone a whooping 110 times a day. That makes it once every 13 minutes. And for most people this peaks to once every 6 seconds in the evenings. So if you, like most people, are checking your phone when you could be spending time with a real human being, or doing something constructive, then BreakFree is for you," according to their site. 

The app monitors the phone usage and tracks how much the device is used. It can provide real insight into just what you do with your phone and provides advice on how to step away from the hand-held black mirror. 

BreakFree pushes notifications to inform a user if they have been using one particular app for too long or have been making too many calls. If you're looking to limit your smartphone usage in 2017, this may be a handy tool to help get you started.