Vodafone successfully tests 5G technology in Ireland

The company plans to roll-out 5G services in the next 24 months

Vodafone successfully tests 5G technology in Ireland

John Griffin, head of Ericsson Ireland, and Madalina Sucevanu, chief technology officer at Vodafone Ireland | Image: Supplied

Telecoms firm Vodafone said it has held Ireland’s first successful live demonstration of pre-standard 5G technology.

It took place at a special event at the Douglas Hyde Gallery at Trinity College Dublin, in partnership with Ericsson.

The firm achieved 15 gigabit per second speeds.

The company said the event "showcased real-life customer applications ranging from remote experts and augmented reality to high speed, low latency, immersive gaming."

Vodafone said it plans to roll-out 5G services for customers in the next 24 months.

It said some of the uses that 5G will enable over time include: super-high speed broadband and media - supporting increasing traffic demands from video services - connecting massive numbers of devices, providing faster and robust connectivity, and supporting real-time response requirements for virtual reality.

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Madalina Suceveanu, chief technology officer with Vodafone Ireland, said: "This first successful trial of pre-standard 5G is an essential step forward in achieving our vision of a gigabit Society for Ireland.

"As our network evolves toward 5G it will become even faster and more resilient, will have significantly lower latency, and will allow a huge number of devices to connect simultaneously."

John Griffin, managing director of Ericsson Ireland, said: "We’re proud to be working with Vodafone to showcase pre-standard 5G technology in Ireland for the first time.

"5G, with its many and new attributes, will offer a raft of benefits both for consumers and businesses, that will enhance lives and bring to life new and exciting use cases for industries and society."