Virgin Media Ireland says broadband services have been restored after major outage

Thousands of customers took to social media to highlight the outage, which was resolved shortly after midnight

Virgin Media Ireland says broadband services have been restored after major outage

Virgin Group Founder Richard Branson arrives for the Virgin Media party in the RDS in Dublin. Image:

Virgin Media Ireland says problems with its broadband and phone services have been resolved after a major outage last night - although some customers are still reporting issues this morning.

Thousands of customers took to social media from around 9pm to highlight the issue, which appears to have affected customers nationwide.

According to the network, the issue was resolved at around 11.30pm:

Further tweets indicated it was "taking a little time to get some people back online", and customers still having problems were advised to try rebooting their modem.

There were, however, reports from customers still having issues this morning, and the network has acknowledged that 'some of our customers are still affected'.

Virgin Media advises anybody having trouble connecting to "please unplug your Modem and wait 1 minute. Plug it back in after 1 minute and allow a further 5 minutes to pass until your modem is back up and running."

In a statement to Newstalk, the company said: "The cause is being described as a technical issue but no further specific details are available."

They added that their network team is "closely monitoring operations to ensure everything is back on track".

While the company has not stated the cause of the problem, numerous social media users pointed out it appears to have been a result of issues with the network's DNS servers.

Some customers were able to access the Internet after manually changing the DNS address on their devices to an external one. Details of how to switch to Google's Public DNS can be found here.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, which is a key internet system that allows familiar web addresses to be converted into numerical IP addresses and therefore located by a web browser.