Vhi launch Chatbot to motivate Irish runners

From motivation to nutrition, the Facebook Messenger bot can help you get started

Vhi has unveiled its first Chatbot, which seeks to motivate Irish people of all ages to take up running, and stick with it.

The chatbot is named 'Vee' and converses with users on Facebook Messenger. You can try it out for yourself here


While the bot is limited in what it can do, it's a good starting point for those looking to get going. Vhi is the first healthcare brand in Ireland to introduce this new technology to its customers.

Speaking about the launch of Vee by Vhi, Maeve O’Gorman, Digital Strategy Lead at Vhi Healthcare, said “We are very proud to officially launch Vee today. As Ireland’s leading health insurer Vhi actively supports people in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle by partnering with events such as the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon and park run in partnership with Vhi."

If you ask the bot a question it is not programmed to answer, the following message will appear:

It can also link out to recipes and fun-runs that are taking place in your local area. 

 A number of Irish companies are working to develop similar bots to help boost their customer service experience.