Unite members of Bus Éireann vote unanimously to strike

Unions are set to meet again on February 2nd

Unite members of Bus Éireann vote unanimously to strike

Bus Eireann buses at Busaras station in Dublin | Image: RollingNews.ie

Bus Éireann workers belonging to the Unite trade union have voted unanimously for strike action.

The news follows plans by the company the company to implement cuts from February 20th.

Unite regional officer Willie Quigley said: "Today's ballot result reflects the anger felt by Unite members and other Bus Éireann workers at the company's behaviour during the past number of months, and in particular the past fortnight.

"Their refusal to engage in an arranged hearing at the Labour Court in December has been compounded by a deliberate strategy of selective media leaks and threats designed to intimidate the workforce and confuse the public.

"The much-vaunted Grant Thornton report has still not been provided to unions, and yesterday we learnt through the media of another 'internal' report whose recommendations were apparently rejected.

"At the same time, leaks to local media are reporting the threatened closure of some garages - causing great concern to workers and local communities.

"Our members' growing anger at management's behaviour has been exacerbated by the Minister's persistent refusal to take a proactive role in this crisis and convene a meeting of all stakeholders."

Unions are set to meet on Thursday February 2nd to agree a course of action in response to the proposed cuts.

The acting chief executive of Bus Éireann said last week he was not scaremongering when warning the entire company could go out of business.

Cross-party politicians have heard the company lost up to €9m last year, leaving the company with just €7m. This is just one year worth of reserve finances.

A controversial survival plan drawn up for the company would see a range of cuts, outsourcing and potential redundancies imposed on workers if put into action.