Uber fires more than 20 people as part of harassment investigation

The company is investigating more than 215 employees following sexual harassment claims

Uber fires more than 20 people as part of harassment investigation

Picture by Gene J. Puskar AP/Press Association Images

Uber has fired more than 20 staff as part of its investigation into claims of sexual harassment. 

The company began an investigation into some 215 employees earlier this year. So far the investigation has found at least 20 employees were at fault in terms of discriminatory, bullying and other harassing behaviours, according to Tech Crunch. 

So far, around 100 employees have been cleared of wrongdoing, 57 are under investigation and 31 are in some form of training or counseling for their actions. Bloomberg reports that seven employees have received a written warning. 

The company held a meeting to discuss the findings of the Perkins Coie LLP investigation with its 12,000 employees. Former US Attorney General Eric Holder has also put forward some recommendations, following a seperate investigation into sexual harassment claims to Uber's board of directors. 

In March, Arianna Huffington, who sits on a board subcommittee looking into the sexual harassment claims, told CNN there was not a systemic sexual harassment problem at the company.

“Yes, there were some bad apples, unquestionably. But this is not a systemic problem,” she said.