US internet providers can now sell search history

The bill was approved by the Senate yesterday

US internet providers can now sell search history

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The House of Representatives in the US has approved legislation that will allow internet service providers to sell information about their customers to advertisers and other third parties. This includes their web browsing histories. 

The legislation has passed through the Republican-controlled Senate and is awaiting the signature of President Donald Trump.

While the vote in the House of Representatives was close in the end, 215 - 205, many representatives took to the floor to raise their objections. Anna Eshoo of California stated, 

“They can use your information and sell it to the highest bidder. I think it’s a sad day if the bill passes.”

Colorado Representative, Jared Polis also objected to the bill. 

“This resolution undermines fundamental privacy for every internet user,” he said. “With a broadband provider, most of us don’t have a choice. You either sign up for your local provider or you don’t.”

This bill overturns regulations passed by the Federal Communications Commission during the Obama administration. Those regulations required the internet providers get approval from their customers before any information is sold to third parties.