UN Security Council adopts 'toughest sanctions regime ever' against North Korea

The sanctions target revenue for North Korea's nuclear & missile programmes

UN Security Council adopts 'toughest sanctions regime ever' against North Korea

UN Security Council. UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

The United Nations Security Council has agreed to adopt further sanctions against North Korea in the wake of their recent nuclear test.

The test was conducted on September 9th, in defiance of previous UN resolutions. It is believed to have been their most powerful nuclear test to date.

Today a resolution for further sanctions was passed unanimously by the Security Council's 15 members.

According to the UN, the sanctions target revenue for North Korea's nuclear & missile programmes - including a limit on how much coal the country can export per year.

It also introduces new restrictions on the totalitarian state's hard currency revenues and the activities of diplomats.

The Security Council has met nine times this year for emergency consultations in response to North Korean ballistic missile and nuclear test activity.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the adoption of the new sanctions against North Korea - also known as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea - and described it as the 'toughest and most comprehensive sanctions regime ever' against the country.

He said: “The time taken to reach agreement on this resolution vividly illustrates the complex nature of the challenge.

“We must assume that, with each test or launch, DPRK continues to make technological advances in its pursuit of a military nuclear capability. The increase in and nature of these activities pose an ever growing threat to regional security and the global non-proliferation regime."