UCD votes to impeach Students' Union President Katie Ascough

She came under fire after removing abortion information from a handbook

UCD votes to impeach Students' Union President Katie Ascough

Katie Ascough

Updated: 08.55

The president of UCD Students' Union is to be impeached following a referendum.

Some 69% of the 6,600 turnout voted in favour of removing Katie Ascough from office.

The pro-life activist had come under fire for removing information about abortion services from the college's student handbook.

Ms Ascough - who is a prominent pro-life campaigner - pledged during her campaign that she would respect the union's pro-choice mandate over her own personal views on abortion.

She had maintained she had legal concerns about publishing price lists and websites that sell abortion pills.

On the subject, she has argued: "I was not comfortable putting myself and others at risk - risks that were real, that were written in legal advice, and that I, very genuinely, was worried about."

Campaigners for her impeachment had argued that that it was unlikely that the information would have resulted in any legal penalties, pointing out similar information was printed last year without any consequences.

Roisin Power is assistant editor of the University Times.

She told Newstalk Breakfast she does not believe the result was about Ms Ascough's stance on abortion.

"It was to do with broken election election promises.

"There was a lot revealed about the amount of lies that, potentially, Katie had told throughout her campaign.

"I think that just didn't stick well with students.

"For example, one of them was that she said that she presented the legal advice to the union's board of directors - and they came out and said that Katie did not show them the legal advice".