Two brothers convicted of murder of man in Co Dublin

Their father has been found not guilty

Two brothers convicted of murder of man in Co Dublin

Garda forensic teams at the scene in Esker Glebe. Photo: Sam Boal/

Two brothers have been found guilty of the brutal murder of a man in Dublin, while their father has been acquitted.

Neil Reilly received a number of chop wounds and was then run over by a car a year and a half ago in Lucan.

The trial heard the deceased 36-year-old fired two shots at the Bradley home at Liscarne Gardens in Dublin 22 in January 2017.

He was then pursued and subjected to a savage attack before being left for dead in Esker Glebe in Lucan.

One witness described seeing someone hit him over the top of the head and then he was struck by a car.

As Neil Reilly tried to crawl to the footpath, the car started up again and drove over him.

54-year-old Paul Bradley and his two sons - 24-year-old Dean and 20-year-old Jason - had pleaded not guilty to murder.

This evening, after over nine hours of deliberations the jury returned with its verdicts.

Paul Bradley first learned of his fate and was told he had been acquitted.

But he became extremely upset when he learned his two sons Dean and Jason were guilty of murder.

The young men started to cry along with family members in court.

Another brother - 18-year-old Ryan Bradley - had been found not guilty of murder earlier this week by order of the judge, but he pleaded guilty to impeding the investigation.

Dean and Jason hugged family members before being brought into custody and they’ll be handed the mandatory life sentence next week.