How Twitter reacted to the inauguration of President Trump

The world was watching and tweeting as Donald Trump was sworn in

How Twitter reacted to the inauguration of President Trump

Image: Twitter / @POTUS

Donald Trump has officially become the 45th President of the United States of America after a swearing-in ceremony in Washington this afternoon.

As President Trump takes over the White House from Barack Obama, there was no shortage of reactions on Twitter.

Plenty had thoughts on Donald Trump's first presidential speech:

The official @POTUS account was also swiftly changed, with Obama's tweets being archived at a separate @POTUS44 account. Meanwhile, the official presidential Twitter account became the handle for President Trump.

There was plenty of reflection on the outgoing president, including from the man himself.

And kind words for the outgoing First Lady as well... 

Democratic senator Chuck Schumer's speech ahead of the swearing-in was not warmly welcomed by President Trump's supporters:

Donald Trump's former rival for the presidency Hillary Clinton was at the ceremony with her husband and former president Bill. She tweeted she was in attendance to "honor our democracy & its enduring values".

Response to her presence was predictably mixed, but plenty praised her for attending what was likely a difficult ceremony.

There was of course plenty of humour amid both the celebrations and the dread: