Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey discusses trolls, edits and subscriptions in Dublin

Dorsey was in the Dublin office this morning

Twitter CEO and co-founder, Jack Dorsey, was at the new company's offices in Dublin this morning. Dorsey met with a select group of users and journalists to hear about their use of the social media platform. 

Bressie, Darragh Doyle and Sinead Burke are just some of the prolific tweeters who were in attendance. Each told the Dorsey how Twitter impacted their lives.

After a casual conversation in Twitter Dublin HQ, Dorsey sat down to discuss a number of issues including the profitability of the company, tackling the trolls and commented upon the prospect of an "edit" button for tweets.  

This was his second time in Ireland and seemed optimistic about the future of his platform. 

"I think Twitter is a company that endures forever. It lasts because it's fundamental."

When asked if he has ruled out the prospect of people paying to use Twitter in the future, Dorsey replied "We haven't ruled out anything. We want to keep an open mind and always learn. Looking at subscriptions is interesting and there is value there. It's just a germ of an idea."