Turn your Android phone into your work computer with this laptop dock

The Superbook lets you make your phone run like a laptop

Most Android phones are as powerful as any desktop computer these days, but all that power is stuck inside a small form factor.

There have been attempts before, most notably by Motorola, to unlock that power by offering you the ability to plug your phone into a laptop dock and go fullscreen.

That didn't work because you needed a particular phone to work with the dock. Now a company have finally figured out the right idea.

Called the Superbook, it looks like a normal, everyday laptop. Maybe it looks a little too much like an Asus or Macbook.

What's smart about this is that it's just a shell of a laptop; a screen, keyboard, trackpad, battery, and not much else. The guts of it come from your Android phone.

Simply plug in your phone via a micro USB or USB-C cable, run an app on your phone called Andromium, and you'll be up and running.

The laptop will then be running the full version of Android with desktop versions of some of the most used apps, including Microsoft Office and Google Chrome.

Your phone will also be charging as it's plugged into the laptop, which has an eight hour battery life.

The Superbook is a very smart idea that has been waiting to be done properly for a long time now. It also just confirms the fact that more and more, our smartphones are the centre of our lives now.