Trump says he no longer cares about ‘small potatoes’ Clare investment

Even after we got the red carpet out for him...

Trump says he no longer cares about ‘small potatoes’ Clare investment

Matt Rourke / AP

US presidential hopeful, Donald Trump has praised his investment in Doonbeg golf resort in Co Clare - but said that he no longer cares about the project.

“I bought it a number of years ago and during the downturn in Ireland I made a good investment. It is an incredible place,” told an audience of 600 during a televised address.

“We spent a lot of money on making it just perfecto - and now it’s doing great. But I don’t care about that stuff anymore. It is like small potatoes,” he continued.

The billionaire's concerns have switched from business to politics since he put himself forward for the Republican nomination, “I’ll let my kids run it, have fun with it, let my executives have a good time, but I don’t care about it. I care about making America great again. That’s what I care about,” Mr Trump added.

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan was criticised for taking part in a red-carpet welcoming party when he arrived in Ireland after completing the €15m purchase.

Speaking to Down to Business at the time, Donald Trump praised the warm welcome that he received - and that he was "impressed" by the Minister making the effort to attend the event, he said that he would have "done the same thing" if he was in his position.