Trump looks to move quickly on appointing new FBI chief

He was speaking on board Air Force One earlier today

James Comey, Donald Trump

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US President Donald Trump is looking to move quickly on appointing a new FBI director after he sacked James Comey earlier this week. 

Speaking to reporters on board Air Force One, he said "We can make a fast decision."

Trump was flying to southern Virginia, where he was due to deliver a commencement address at Liberty University. 

Asked if the decision or an announcement could take place before he leaves for Saudi Arabia on Friday, Trump also said "Even that is possible."

According to reports, Defence lawyer Alice Fisher was the first candidate interviewed at the justice department. 

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and two others are also expected to meet Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy Rod Rosenstein on Saturday.

In total 11 people are reportedly being considered for the position, which requires further confirmation from the Senate.


White House contradiction 

Trump said that he wanted to move quickly to find a new FBI director and said the potential candidates for the position were "outstanding people" and "very well known".

A government source was also quoted as saying they were moving "quickly and expeditiously" to find a replacement, adding that "We're doing our due diligence - we are not going to cut any corners."

Andrew McCabe was the FBI's deputy director until he stepped up after the abrupt departure of his boss.

He appeared to contradict the White House earlier this week when he described the inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the US election as "a highly significant investigation".

He also cast doubt on White House claims that Mr Comey had lost the confidence of FBI staff while speaking to Congress.