Donald Trump meets Queen as thousands protest in London

Meanwhile, the US President has denied criticising Theresa May in a tabloid interview

Donald Trump meets Queen as thousands protest in London

'Stop Trump' demonstrators march through Regent Street in London. Picture by: Kirsty O'Connor/PA Wire/PA Images

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Donald Trump has left England for Scotland, after a working visit that saw major protests and a controversy erupt over the US President's comments in a newspaper interview.

President Trump earlier denied criticising Prime Minister Theresa May, following the publication of an explosive tabloid interview.

It came as thousands of people gathered in central London for protests against the US President.

Met Police said Trafalgar Square was 'almost at capacity' ahead of a planned rally, which itself followed a large rally through the city on Friday afternoon.

Picture by: Tim Ireland/AP/Press Association Images

President Trump himself travelled to meet Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle.

Picture by: Richard Pohle/AP/Press Association Images

Following the meeting, President Trump and his wife Melania left for Scotland, where they are set to spend the weekend following the conclusion of the working visit in England.

Further demonstrations against President Trump have been taking part across the UK today, including a large rally in Glasgow.

'Fake news'

Earlier, the US President's comments in a newspaper interview drew worldwide attention.

The Sun reported that the US President said the British government’s new proposals would “kill” any future trade deal with the US.

He also claimed that he previously told Theresa May how to do Brexit but said “she didn’t listen to me", and also reportedly said the British PM "wrecked" Brexit.

However, at a press conference following a meeting with Mrs May at her Chequers retreat, President Trump suggested the report was 'fake news'.

He said: "I didn't criticise the Prime Minister - I have a lot of respect for the Prime Minister.

"Unfortunately, there was a story that was done - that was generally fine, but it didn't put in what I said about the Prime Minister, and I said tremendous things."

He also claimed that the interview was recorded.

"We have it for your enjoyment, if you'd like it," he told reporters. "It's called fake news. We solve a lot of problems with the good old recording instrument."

Trade deal

During the press conference, President Trump described the relationship between the US and UK as the 'highest level of special'.

He also insisted the US wants to continue trading with the UK following Brexit, saying the US is looking forward to "finalising a great bilateral trade agreement with the United Kingdom".

He observed: "We want to trade with the UK, and the UK wants to trade with us. We're by far their biggest trading partner. We have just a tremendous opportunity to double, triple, quadruple that."

Meanwhile, BBC reports that tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered across the UK for a series of protests against President Trump, with the largest demonstrations taking place in London.

The 'Trump Baby' balloon joins demonstrators as they march through Parliament Square in London. Picture by: Kirsty O'Connor/PA Wire/PA Images

The 'Women's March on London - Bring the Noise' began at 11am, with protesters marching towards Parliament Square.

A 'Stop Trump' march got under way at 2pm, ahead of the major rally in Trafalgar Square.