Trump claims a Clinton defeat will "take our government back"

Both US presidential candidates have been campaigning in key swing state Florida

Donald Trump has told voters his bid for the presidency is a, "once-in-a-lifetime chance to take our government back and return power to the American people."

Both Trump and his rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, have been campaigning in Florida - a key battleground state that could tip Tuesday's election.

Florida is the largest swing state in the US and Trump knows he must win it if he is to have any chance of making it to the White House.

While some polls have suggested he is gaining in support, he still remains behind Clinton.

In the weekly Republican Party address, Trump said he would bring badly needed change to government - including plans to create millions of jobs, cut taxes and repeal and replace the healthcare law known as Obamacare.

He repeated his promises to fix "terrible trade deals," end illegal immigration and suspend the admission of Syrian refugees.

Trump also vowed to rebuild the military and "take care of our great, great veterans."

Speaking later at a rally in Florida, he promised to stop jobs disappearing from America and cut taxes for the middle classes.

State opinion polls suggest Florida is the most competitive of the swing states and Republicans are pointing to suggestions that traditionally Democratic African-American are not turning out as proof they can win.

The Democratic Party, however, says Hispanic voters have been showing up in large numbers, boosting their claims that they can carry the state.

Trump has mocked Clinton’s attempt to use star power to swing the vote with a free celebrity concert in Cleveland, Ohio on Friday night.

Standing alongside singer Beyonce and her rapper husband Jay Z; Clinton lavished praise on the celebrity couple and asked thousands of cheering fans for their vote.

Beyonce said she was thrilled that her young nephew was able to witness Barack Obama's 2008 election as America's first black president and wanted her daughter "to grow up seeing a woman lead this country and know her possibilities are limitless.

“That's why I'm with her," she said.

Despite Trump's insistence that he does not need celebrity endorsements, star power is viewed as an extremely valuable currency when it comes to US elections.

The support of celebrities like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Jay Z could yet prove crucial in Clinton's attempt to galvanise support among African Americans who thus far have appeared reluctant to vote early in the numbers she needs to secure victory.

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