Protest takes place in Dublin over rising car insurance premiums

Around 6,000 cars were expected at the demonstration at Leinster House and Merrion Square this afternoon

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Updated: 17.35

A demonstration in Dublin took place today, intended to bring traffic to a standstill in the city centre this afternoon, with thousands expected to protest the rising cost of car insurance premiums.

6,000 cars were expected to take part in a protest around Leinster House and Merrion Square from noon today, but reporters on the ground noted there were no more than 50 people in attendance at the rally.

Opposition TDs are due to address the rally, over claims that car insurance premiums have increased by up to 60% over the past three years.

Irish Times Consumer Affairs Correspondent Conor Pope explained why this demonstration is being organised.

"[People have] been campaigning and highlighting the frankly criminal rise in car insurance premiums over the last two or three years, that is having an incredibly negative impact on people's personal wealth," he explained.

"[Organisers are] saying 6,000 cars, and there might be three or four people in each car, which means you could have up to 15-20,000 protesting at car insurance premiums," he added.

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan will address the crowd at today's demonstration.

Speaking ahead of the rally, she said: “It is a social issue as young people are forced off the roads and an economic issue because small businesses can't hire people to drive their vans.

“Mainly, it is a question of fairness. Insurers can't just pick quotes out of thin air that change from one day to the next and from one person to another. They need to be fair."

Fianna Fail TD John Lahart, spoke at today's rally in Merrion Square.

Deputy Lahart says he's been hearing from constituents who've experienced significant rises in their insurance premiums: