This week will see a return of summer weather

Enjoy it while it lasts, though...

This week will see a return of summer weather

Image via @metoffice on Twitter

Just as it's starting to feel that bit cooler at night, the forecast shows there will be a brief return of summer this week.

Monday night will be warm and humid, with temperatures no lower than 15 to 17 degrees in most areas.

However there will be some scattered outbreaks of rain and fog, mostly in parts of the west and north.

Image via @metoffice on Twitter

Met Éireann says Tuesday will be warm and humid also.

"The day will start misty and damp, but it will dry out in many places during the morning with some sunny spells developing", it says.

Highest temperatures will be from 19 to 23 degrees.

Tuesday night will be another warm and humid one - with temperatures not going below 13 degrees, and getting as high as 16.

Wednesday will be quite warm and humid once again - after some initial cloud and mist clear.

Highest temperatures there of 18 to 22 degrees.

But come Thursday, Friday and Saturday it will turn much fresher, with temperatures in the mid to high teens at best.

Image via @metoffice on Twitter

Unsettled weather later in the week will also bring wet and windy weather at times - and potentially large amounts.