"This notion that Trump is a Nazi... I think it's the maddest stuff" - Brendan O'Connor

Brendan spoke to George about the media, Donald Trump, Twitter and 'fat-shaming'

Columnist and broadcaster Brendan O'Connor says comparisons being made between Donald Trump and the Nazis are 'mad stuff'.

Brendan spoke to George on today's Right Hook, ahead of the next episode of O'Connor's latest TV show Cutting Edge.

The pair discussed contemporary journalism and social media, with Brendan observing that many commentators fear the potentially 'very real' consequences of saying 'something wrong'.

"People are seeing that you can have your career ended by one slip up, even when you're not the bad guy," he suggested.

The conversation also turned to the subject of Donald Trump.

"The man is in insane in ways [but] I have to say, you look at him right now and the people who call Trump a Nazi... who's the Nazis here?" Brendan argued.

"This notion that Trump is a Nazi... I think it's the maddest stuff I've ever heard. But this is because we have conflated the idea of somebody saying things that you don't agree with somebody who is actually physically hurting you," he added.

You can listen back to the full interview below: