These are the best and worst countries to be a child

But where does Ireland rank?

These are the best and worst countries to be a child

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A new report has said Ireland is the 7th best place in the world to be a child.

Norway is the best place to grow up, while Niger is the worst.

The report by the international children’s rights organisation Save the Children ranks 172 countries based on whether or not childhood has ended early for the children living there.

Inadvertently, the report maps out the best and worst places to be a kid in today’s world.

Save the Children created the 44-page report using eight primary indicators:

  • Malnutrition that stunts growth
  • Under-5 mortality
  • Out-of-school children
  • Child labor
  • Early marriage
  • Adolescent births
  • Displacement by conflict
  • Child homicide

The report dissects each of these factors and how they each specifically impact the health and well-being of children.

“Lost childhoods are a result of choices that exclude particular groups of children by design or neglect," the report reads. "Millions of children have their childhoods cut short because of who they are and where they live."

"There have been major gains for children in the last 25 years, but recent progress in fighting extreme poverty has often not reached those children who need it most—because of geography, gender, ethnicity, disability or because they are victims of conflict.”

Who made the cut?