The year on - from Obama's legacy to soap operas

Some of our favourite long reads, features and themed content from throughout the year...

The year on - from Obama's legacy to soap operas

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It's been a wild 12 months, with no shortage of major stories both at home & abroad.

We’ve already taken a look back at some of the stories of the year, so here’s some of the best long reads, features and themed content from 2017 on…

Obama's legacy

2017, much like 2016, was a year dominated by the Trump-show - but it also marked the end of Barack Obama's presidency. Almost a decade after he swept to victory on his message of hope, we took the opportunity to look back & assess his presidency.

Part one - Obama's global legacy: From Peace Prize to drone strikes

Part two - Obama's legacy: From healthcare reform to the Paris Agreement

Did Obama's marketing let him down?

Enda's departure

It wasn't just Barack Obama who left office in 2017. Closer to home, we saw Enda Kenny step down - only a year after narrowly securing his second term as Taoiseach. As he stood aside to let Leo Varadkar take over, we reflected on the conflicted economic legacy he left behind, as well as the promises vs the reality of his time as Taoiseach. 

100 Days of Trump: A tale of two countries

Donald Trump was rarely far from headlines in 2017, but there are also the stories of the millions of Americans dealing with the reality of his presidency. From his most staunchest supporters to his ardent opponent, the US has been coming to terms with an unprecedented style of presidency. Newstalk’s Richard Chambers travelled to the States to mark the first 100 days of POTUS 45’s term in office, and he reported back…

Porn week

Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny told the people of Ireland that we needed to have a national conversation about porn. In March, Newstalk started that conversation. 

From an A-Z of porn to a study revealing Ireland's porn habits, Porn Week was our effort to shine a light on Ireland's relationship with the X-rated.

Are We There Yet?

In April, we asked 'are we there yet?' and took a look at Ireland's commuting chaos.

We focused on the reality for Irish commuters - from the frustration of traffic congestion to the technology being used to speed up journeys.

We took an in-depth look at the M50 - Ireland's busiest and most infamous motorway. We looked at the technology being deployed on our roads. And we also looked and asked what the future holds for commuting in Ireland.

Five years of Garda scandals: From penalty points to fake breath tests

Controversy over An Garda Síochana erupted a number of times over the year, from fake breath test revelations to the ongoing whistleblower scandal. Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan announced her retirement in September amid various controversies, and former Tánaiste Frances Fitzgerald resigned from Cabinet following high-stakes political drama over her handling of the Garda whistleblower scandal.

Earlier this year, we looked back at just some of the major controversies involving An Garda Síochana - some of which are likely to be back in the headlines in 2018 as the Disclosures Tribunal continues its work.

From 'Richard III' to 'Fair City': Why soap operas still clean up with Irish viewers

Mocked as a waste of airtime by critics, serialised dramas have worked their way into the hearts of millions. We explored why exactly that is...