The ten Irish things you must know from the web in 2015

Here's the best Irish websites and apps for the past twelve months

The ten Irish things you must know from the web in 2015

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2015 has seen more things go viral and become crazy, insanely popular on the internet than ever before. Thankfully, Moncrieff regular Darragh Doyle was on hand to show us the best of the best for Irish-related web-stuff!

- First things first...

One of the better channels of 2015, the Martin’s Life channel now has some 3.6million views - Martin’s brought us through skinny jeans shopping, the referendum and Skyping his sister.


- Reep Rewards

Reep Rewards is Ireland’s leading deals and rewards app.

Cashback+ from Reep Rewards allows Irish shoppers to earn substantial amounts of cash back from selected grocery brands by simply taking a photo of their shopping till receipt. You can learn anything from 10c to 25c for every receipt.

You can find what special offers are available in store or you can also complete surveys and give feedback about your shopping.

There’s currently €288 savings in Tesco, €72 savings in Dunnes, €146 in LifeStyle Sports and 39 Offers in SuperValu and 12 offers in Aldi. Loads of savings for you helping you save and earn money every time you shop.

- KillBiller

KillBiller is a free app that examines your mobile phone usage and tells you exactly how much you would pay on every mobile phone plan in Ireland.

KillBiller examines how you use your phone, and performs an audit of your calling, texting, and data using behaviours. A complex set of algorithms then works out exactly how much you would spend on every mobile plan available in the market. At the end of the process, you can quickly find out which network suits you best, and what plan you should be on in that network.

It all takes about 30 seconds, don't worry about your usage, just press go / log in.

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- TippleDoc

Planning a night out or night in but not sure what off licence to go to?

The TippleDoc, allows you to see what alcohol special offers are available in your local stores. Great special offers are available and waiting for you, the TippleDoc will tell you where to go to get them.

Going out with your friends? Staying in with a bottle of wine and a takeaway? Marking a big occasion with something special? Make sure you get the best value for your money.

- Baby Doc

The BabyDoc shows you all the special offers currently available on nappies, wipes, milk formula and more! Free to download, simple to use, always reliable and all major retailers around Ireland included.

- Superhands

Did you know babies and toddlers can communicate through sign language before they can talk? Babies motor skills and ability to understand words both develop before they can talk, and Superhands teaches parents to communicate with their children.

Superhands, which teaches through ISL, say that between 6 months and one year is probably best to start teaching your baby, though anywhere between birth and two years is good. You can expect your baby to start signing back as early as 7 or 8 months.

If you start with a baby of 18 months or more they may start signing straight away.

They’ve just launched an app for iPhone to help you teach simple signs to your baby, so they can communicate with you before they learn to talk! This unique app builds on babies' natural ability to communicate with gestures, from the age of 6 - 8 months, with a range of simple signs such as 'Hungry', 'Book', 'Mummy', 'Daddy' and many more. Download now and start signing!


- Carezapp

There are an estimated 275,000 caregivers in Ireland and this number is growing. If you’re receiving care or helping to care for someone at home, chances are you could use a hand!

CareZapp is a simple way of connecting those who care. It’s an Irish company aiming to make communication for caregivers easier for them and the people they need around them to provide that care - family, friends, good neighbours, local community supports; homecare, social and healthcare providers.

One of the most difficult aspects of home care can be keeping people informed - especially after a medical discharge or if you’re working and living away from someone.

With CareZapp, you store your own notes, records and communication on a private platform to keep up to date, arrange appointments, visits or just update people on things to look out for.

They say “It enables early intervention, prevention and continual monitoring of wellness through a unique combination of a private social network, care applications framework and discovery platform – referred to as Connect, Inform, Discover.”

The communication and collaboration tools include messaging and smart reminders, displayed on an online noticeboard (ZappBoard). Alerts can be transmitted via in-app notices, email or SMS. It’s a self-organised, multi-option network of care.

You could, conceivably, see this progressing to include all of the care related activities - doctors notes, next appointments, nurse calls, medication change, home visits and so on. Add in biometric details and third-party call centres and you can see the full scope of what can be offered.

Caregivers and those being cared for can discover social and support groups, providers of local/regional services, home care, NGOs and other community supports (eg, transport and meals services). Local community, support and social groups, through subscription, can join the CareZapp community network and promote their services to members and receive inward leads or care referrals.

The CareZapp App supports you in caregiving, helping you to share the care and bring peace of mind.

- Fourpaws

Fourpaws allows you to search through rescue dogs around the country, liking or disliking the profiles as you go. The dog profiles are randomly generated, and any which a user doesn’t like won’t be shown again.

Once a perfect match is found, you can apply to adopt the dog immediately through the free app. 90,000 dogs are produced in Ireland, 30,000 are exported to the UK, 40 dogs go to the pound every day.

You can apply to adopt one of the pups straight from the app - or revisit their profile if you need to have a think about it before adopting a four-legged friend.

Users swipe right or left on each profile indicating whether they like or dislike the pup's profile.

A right swipe will mean the pooch gets added to your favourites, while a left swipe - or a 'dislike' - means they won't return to your feed.

If you're a dog lover but aren't currently in a place where you're able to adopt, you're also able to donate to the Rescue Centres through the app. The folks behind the innovative app are all volunteers.



How much money do you have to go on holidays?

Here’s the website that will help you. Enter how much money you have for accommodation and flights, when you’d like to go and this site will give you options for where you want to go.

You choose the airport, where you’d like to go - or anywhere in your budget - how much money you have, how many of you there are and when you’d like to go. You can also choose a star rating for accommodation and whether you’d be okay with shared accommodation.

A great little website to help you plan your next trip.

- Go Cambio

Go Cambio connects people who want to travel with people who have a spare room and a desire to improve a skill - particularly a language!

With 7500 members from 115 countries already since March, this could be a huge one for founders Ian O’Sullivan and Deirdre Bounds have ambitions for a million users by the end of 2016.

You swap two hours of your skill per day for free accommodation. So, in exchange for a couple of hours a day helping someone improve the way they communicate in the Guest’s language, Guests get a place to stay and a warm welcome from a local Host. And Hosts get to improve a language they are trying to master.

GoCambio is an entirely free service and for the moment, you can sign up as either a host looking for somebody to teach you another language, or as a guest willing to sacrifice two hours a day of your holiday to help somebody learn.

It’s a simple exchange between soon-to-be friends. A Cambio!

  • You can check potential Hosts and Guests by seeing if they’ve gone through our verification system
  • You can check their references and reviews on the site once you’ve signed up
  • You can connect with them through Facebook

- Irish Film Database (IFDB)

The Irish Film Database from is a great catalogue of the many weird, wonderful, and even godawful Irish films produced in the 120 years.

There are over 540 films from over 450 directors, with the site catalogued by director, actor, genre, year.There are over 3000 actors listed on the site too.

There are a lot of gems to be found here, like those listed above and the information, for example that Sergio Leone’s 1971 western Duck, You Sucker western was filmed in Toner's on Baggot St or The Vengeance of Fu Manchu shot in Bray. Interestingly most early Irish films are shot by priests as the church was the only organisation that could afford cameras.

As well as the weird and wonderful, you can also find what are pretty much accepted as the top 10 Irish films - Waking Ned, Once, The Crying Game, The Snapper, Intermission, In The Name of The Father, The Field, My Left Foot, The Quiet Man and The Commitments.

- And something funny to end the year on...

Ireland's most-subscribed female comedian Clisare gives us Australian and British girls attempting to pronounce traditional Irish names. Enjoy!

You can listen back to the full segment from The Sean Moncrieff show right here: