The house from 'The Amityville Horror' is up for sale

If you've got €765,000 lying around, and a strong stomach for scary stories...

For anyone who thought that the current state of the Dublin housing crisis was horrific, there is some (slightly) more scary news for you.

If you happen to have $850,000 (€765,000) spare, you can buy the property at 108 Ocean Avenue, New York, or as it's more commonly known, the house at the centre of The Amityville Horror.

Fourteen films in the series so far since 1979, with the next one due in 2017, titled Amityville: The Awakening, based on the 1977 book off the same name.

For those not in the know, in 1974 the DeFeo family were living in 112 Ocean Drive (the address was subsequently changed in attempt to confuse lookie loos), when 23-year-old Ronald DeFeo appeared at a nearby bar and shouted at the patrons "You got to help me! I think my mother and father are shot!"

Police arrived at the home, and found both of Ronald's parents, as well as all four of his younger siblings, lying facedown in their beds, all shot to death with a high calibre rifle.

Ronald was eventually eventually charged with their murders, and sentenced to six concurrent sentences of 25 years to life, with no explanation as to how despite the lack of supressors or silencers on the weapon, and none of the family were tied down or sedated, none of the family were awoken by the gunshots, and there were no signs of a struggle. No neighbours reported any gunshots to the police.

For thirteen months to house lay vacant, until December 1975, when the Lutz family moved in. Less than a month later, the entire family moved out, following the father waking up every night at 3.15am - the same time Ronald had slaughtered his family - while his wife was plauged by nightmares about the neighbours, and the children began sleeping on their stomachs.

A realtor who visited the house the last time it was up for sale told a blogger what he felt when he entered the basement: "The room just felt like…I’m trying to describe it exactly. You know that feeling when you are sleeping and you can tell someone is looking over you, someone is standing there before you even see them, and then you open your eyes and you see someone standing there? That’s what it felt like. So, we all looked at each other and we took off!"

Other previous tenants have lived there for years and never reported any supernatural activity, so the 11,850 square-foot lot, complete with five bedrooms, 3.5 baths and just 90 minute drive from New York City is currently yours for the taking.