The future of inflight entertainment could feature 21-inch screens

French company Thales are looking to reinvent how economy passengers fly

Flying is, for the most part, a pleasant experience these days. Travellers can bring a book or load up their smartphone with music to keep them entertained. The future of flying, however, could be about to get a whole lot better.

French company "Thales" want to reinvent the low-cost flying experience and replace the small 7-inch entertainment screens with stunning 21.3-inch HD touch-screens. The displays, named "Digital Sky" aims to allow passengers to watch movies, play games, and even view a moving map of their journey. There's a video meditation offering too. 

It's thought that the larger screens offer a more immersive experience but do not take from the limited space economy passengers have. There's also space for a food tray beneath the screen.

The company have yet to announce any partners on the project, but it's safe to say that many of us will be waiting for this development with bated breath!