"This is directly for Gerry Adams to answer" - Newstalk Breakfast on Spotlight

Ivan and Chris discussed the Paudie McGahon allegations this morning

The case of Paudie McGahon, who says he was raped by an IRA member in the early 1990s, featured on a BBC documentary last night.

Mr McGahon says he brought the allegations to a Sinn Féin representative in 2002 - but was then interrogated by a so-called 'kangaroo court', similar to the case of Mairia Cahill.

In the Dáil last night, the Sinn Féin leader accused the Taoiseach of failing to respond to letters from Martin McGuinness outlining how such cases should be handled.

Ivan and Chris discussed the issue this morning on Newstalk Breakfast with Chris detailing what happened over the course of the documentary.

Mr McGahon claims that every effort was made to bury the allegations that he made and that he was given three options. One, that the IRA would kill his attacker, two, Paudie and others would be allowed to beat the man in question or three, he could be ordered to leave the country. Mr McGahon opted for the latter.

Chris stated: "Sinn Fein are saying they don't investigate allegations of child abuse. 

"They have been saying this throughout the Mairia Cahill and they're saying it now this morning. 

"Sinn Fein councillors in Louth, Sinn Fein TDs in Louth was meeting with Paudie McGahon in 2002, a pivotal time of the peace process, IRA kangaroo courts were taking place and Gerry Adams knew nothing?"

Ivan continued: "There is no basis for Sinn Féin acting as judge and juror in any case to do with Paudie McGahon. 

"This shows that Sinn Féin really don't recognise the systems and the administrations of justice we have in this country. For me, I really think this is directly for Gerry Adams to answer."

Chris asked: "Has Sinn Féin ever carried out investigations or conversations or meetings with the victims of rape? How many victims of rape? And mow many people have been moved around this State or out of this State?"

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