The app that pays out to parking snitches

Tattletales can earn £10 in the UK every time they report someone

The app that pays out to parking snitches

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UK Car Park Management, the company that runs car parks for Tesco and McDonalds, has launched an app that can automatically produce parking tickets of up to £100. 

The app is offering £10 to users who report illegally parked cars on private land. Users are encouraged to submit photos via the app of the offending car and its number plate.  


The app is called i-Ticket and is designed to help small businesses who cannot afford to pay for their own car park patrolling officers. Businesses that use the service will receive signs from CPM to display around their parking spaces. If a car parks in that space, users can report them via the app. 

Using data from the DVLA, CPM then issues a parking ticket of £60 to the vehicle owner, which then increase to £100 if it is not paid within two weeks.  

The photographer receives £10 for every paid ticket.