The Irish firm using AI to make recruitment effortless

"With us? It's literally a matter of seconds. You search, you get your response..."

With picked as the winner of the NDRC Investor Day this week, co-founder Andrea Wade joined Breakfast Business to discuss how its software makes the recruitment process far easier for companies and jobseekers alike.

The two-year-old startup employs artificial intelligence to judge the merits of your CV, helping recruitment firms whittle down potential candidates to a strong shortlist in mere seconds. 


As Andrea Wade told Vincent Wall:

"Very simply we build algorithms that match people to jobs. What we do is we either find all your CVs and we plug into them and find the best possible candidate for that particular job opening. Or we plug into your already existing database – this is what we do best.

"We work best with really large companies that have hundreds of thousands or millions of resumes. So imagine a recruiter performs a search and you have 1.2 million CVs – this is an actual case of someone that we're working with.

"You might be looking for an iOS developer, somebody who codes apps for iPhones and you get 50,000 results back.

"Who do you call first? This is where we come in."

Wade says their platform can end weeks of work on recruitment to give you accurate results in an instant:

"With us? It's literally a matter of seconds. You search, you get your response."

Wade also says there's "good news" for jobseekers:

"Up to 75% of people that apply to a job are rejected. And very often they're rejected because they might not have the right key words and what not. What we do is 'concept mining'. We really look at overall all your experience, all your knowledge and if you are relevant to a job, we will surface you."