The 16th of January is the most likely day to consider buying a new car

Carzone predicts that tomorrow may just be the day

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According to Carzone, the 16th of January is the most likely day for people to consider buying a new car. 

With New Year’s resolutions in full swing and as we inch closer to pay day, it seems that the middle of January is the time many of us are most likely to start thinking about buying a new car. 

According to the new Carzone Motoring Report, almost half of us 45% intend on buying a new car this year.

Based on data from previous years and monitoring traffic visiting the site, Carzone predicts that Monday the 16th of January is the day when we are most likely to consider buying a car.

Carzone have also put together a list of the most popular cars by segment based on searches on the site year-to-date.

The Volkswagen Golf, which was the most searched for car on the website last year, is the most popular car within the family hatchback segment year to date while the Nissan Leaf is the most searched for electric car.

The Dacia Duster takes the top spot in the budget car category, while the Lexus IS300H is the most searched for hybrid car in its category.

In terms of fuel, it seems that diesel is still the most common with 68% of people using it and only 32% of people using petrol. 

Commenting on the report Karl Connolly, audience manager at Carzone said "January is traditionally a time of change and as we reach the half way point of January, many of us start looking to upgrade our car. 

"Based on previous years we know that the third Monday of January is the day when people start to think seriously about this and start looking."