Teamwork: Cork's best kept secret is growing and wants you to join them

Disney is one of their clients, they've slides in their offices, and jobs on offer

You may not have heard about Teamwork yet, but get that name into your brain as they're a key player in the tech sphere and will be a key job creator here in Ireland for years to come. The self-funded business is based in Cork and is today announcing 50 new jobs as well as unveiling their new offices. 

Teamwork CEO, Peter Coppinger is a worker bee that is proud of his hive. Speaking to this morning, Coppinger was buzzing with excitement as he immediately launched into describing their new offices. 

"Our new offices are just beautiful. They've been designed by award winning Henry J Lyons and built by Cumnor construction both of whom have done an amazing job. The fitout alone cost us over €2 million but we have two slides, a roof garden, an outdoor pool table and a music room with a hidden door. It's very cool."

The offices are based close to Cork city centre and seem befitting of a tech company with the size and value of TeamWork. 

The company has three products, which help businesses become more organised. The business was born out of a consultancy business in 2007, with the founders buying the domain back in 2014 for half a million Euro. 

Since then they have gone from strength to strength and boast an impressive client list featuring the likes of Disney, Spotify and HP, but to name a few. 

Today, they're announcing 50 jobs and Coppinger says there's plenty more where they came from. 

"To be honest this is just the start and we expect to fill these 50 jobs in the first half of next year. Right now, we're looking for sales people and developers. We're looking to attract talent down here to Cork. We want people to know that Cork is only 2 hours away from Dublin. We pay the same money as the Dublin firms, but your money will go further. We want recent graduates and people with experience. We need people who are self taught. Tech is changing so fast that if I was to stop coding and return to it in five years, my skills would be completely out of date."

As it stands, Teamwork has over 18,000 customers in 182 companies. There's 71 staff behind the business, including 16 remote staff in 7 countries. 

"We've never made a song and dance in Ireland before because all of our sales are exported," explains Coppinger. "We need people in Ireland to know we exist so that we can attract the top talent to work for and with us."

92% of the firm's sales are in the US and Canada. The company has, however, spent 7 months working on a European project.

"This is in response to overwhelming customer demand and some potential European customers, especially telling us they wouldn’t go with us if their data was stored in the State. We launched EU hosting 3 weeks ago and so far, 20% of all new signups are choosing the EU option."

The next wave

It'd be very easy, and understandable, for Teamwork to be solely focused on their own ventures and success, but that's not how they roll. 

"We're converting our old offices here in Cork into an incubator. It's different to any other incubator in the country in that there is no catch with us. We're providing what we would have loved when we were starting out. All we ask is that the companies have a website and a basic product. We'll pay for food, coffee, WIFI and cleaning. We'll also provide mentorship too," explains Coppinger.

"We feel that if the government was to provide free offices to early stage exporting software companies, it would help them succeed much faster."

They are also starting a new network to try and connect those starting out with those who have made it. 

"We feel that it's very much Ireland vs the world in terms of tech and we should help each other grow. We're hiring someone to help us create a Saas network. We'll ensure that top CEOs available 2 hours a month to answer questions from those who need a bit of a steer. They can learn from the people who have been through the problems themselves. There’s a lot of events but they're filled with loud people, who drown out everyone else. The same people go but you don’t learn anything. I got very disillusioned quickly."

You can find further information about Teamwork and the jobs on offer here