Parenting is fraught with uncertainty, changing with each generation. On this week's show, TED speakers share ideas about raising kids and how -- despite our best efforts -- we're probably still doing it wrong

Former Stanford dean Julie Lythcott-Haims says overinvolved parents prevent kids from developing agency. She urges parents to focus on what's more important: unconditional love ... and chores.


Writer and former firefighter Caroline Paul argues that in order to raise confident girls, parents must encourage them to take risks and have the same kinds of adventures boys do.



Author Peggy Orenstein warns if parents don't educate kids about sex -- the media will. She says that leads to risky behavior -- and keeps young women from expecting equality in sexual relationships.         

 Children in war zones experience unimaginable hardship, says Dr. Aala El-Khani. She says parents must play a major role in helping children survive -- even thrive -- in the wake of trauma.

Spoken word poet Sarah Kay imagines what it would like to raise a child in a world of happiness, heartache, and everything in between.