Sylvester Stallone announces title of next Rambo film

Last Blood will be filmed after Rocky spin-off Creed

Another - and potentially final - Rambo has long been rumoured, but Sylvester Stallone has finally offered some concrete evidence that it will indeed be made.

The director and actor took to Twitter to reveal that the next film in the series will be called Last Blood:

A name like that certainly suggests is meant as a closing chapter in the John Rambo saga - but knowing Hollywood that is before a likely inevitable 'reboot'. Still, this could finally be Stallone putting one of his most iconic characters to rest.

Stallone will first be filming Creed, from director Ryan Coogler, where he will reprise his role as Rocky Balboa. The film stars Michael B Jordan as Adonis Creed, grandson of Rocky's old rival Apollo Creed.

As indicated in the Tweet announcing the Rambo title, Stallone will work on a biopic of gangster Greg Scarpa after the completion of the two other films. It is looking like it will be a busy few years for the 68-year-old star.