Sunday papers ask "is this the Enda the line?"

Post-election coverage has focused in on the futures of Enda Kenny and Joan Burton...

Sunday papers ask "is this the Enda the line?"

Niall Carson / PA

As the dust begins to settle after the Coalition parties' General Election kicking, many of the Sunday newspapers are pointing the figure of blame at Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny.

The Sunday Business Post front page claims that the Mayoman is "in the firing line as voters deliver earthquake." 

It adds that there is pressure within the party for Mr Kenny to step aside, although it notes that some "party sources downplayed any immediate move (regarding party leadership) before a government is formed."

"Change - but not as we know it" is the lead in the paper's Election 2016 supplement.

The Sunday Independent also declares the election a "political earthquake" - and adds that Mr Kenny and Labour's Joan Burton "face the axe as leaders."

Looking forward, many commentators look at the possible coalition combinations and the implications of a union of Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.

Meanwhile, The Sunday Times calls the election a "mauling" - while adding that Kenny remains "defiant" after Fine Gael's disappointing election.

It also highlights the fact that the gender quota will bring new female faces into the Dail, but it is unlikely to address the gender imbalance.

Irish Sunday Mirror focuses on the Taoiseach, as it declares that "Whingers" have given Enda "the boot."

It also asks if the Fine Gael leader has reached the "Enda the road?"

The front page of The Irish Sun on Sunday looks back towards Ireland's rebellious past after a historic general election which has seen "the rise of Fianna Fail and independents."