Stobart Air announces €25m investment and 60 new jobs

It operates Aer Lingus regional flights...

Stobart Air, the franchise flying partner which operates Aer Lingus regional flights, has announced a €25m investment which will create 60 new jobs.

It is seeking 24 pilots and 36 cabin crew - this will bring its total workforce to 570 people, serving its 43 routes.

The airline operates a fleet of 17 aircraft with routes across Dublin, Cork, Shannon, Kerry and Donegal Airport.

Commenting today, Mr Buchanan, Managing Director, Stobart Air said: "Today’s announcement commences the next phase of our plans to grow the airline further. The addition of jet aircraft to the fleet is a significant milestone. It allows us to fly more passengers further which, given the recent announcement to expand our partnership with Flybe at London Southend airport, has real value.

"The addition of 60 new people to our team is a direct response to the expansion of our fleet. Adding jet aircraft to our fleet presents our pilots with an exciting new career progression path and an added dimension to our overall recruitment efforts."

The airline also announced new senior management appointments. Graeme Buchanan, previously the airline’s Chief Financial Officer, has been promoted to the position of Managing Director with immediate effect. Mr Buchanan will report to Warwick Brady, Deputy Chief Executive of the Stobart Group.