Snapchat has updated its service to offer group messaging

It's the feature many users have been waiting for

Rather than creating a big song and dance about it, Snap unveiled a new updated for their Snapchat platform on the QT. It's created quite a bit of excitement amongst users, though. 

It's now possible to set up group chats, within Snapchat, for up to 16 people. While the ability to group chat seems like an obvious one for a messaging service, it was not possible until now.

Snapchat is continuing to develop its offering and distinguish itself from the likes of Instagram, which recently brought in a "Stories" feature. Snapchat is still holding its own, however, with some 100 million daily users. There's no doubt that the group messaging capability will be a game-changer to its cohort of young users. 

The firm is still riding high off the success of its first wearable; Snapchat Spectacles. 

This is the company's first attempt at a wearable and what's most exciting about their release is the price tag. They are affordable, unlike the Google Glass. The official retail price is $130.

What's also nice about these Spectacles is that they're just a bit of fun. The company is fully aware that they are not the future of AI, but it's an interesting venture and an attempt to be leaders of a new trend.