Sinn Féin says Fine Gael's figures for tax cuts and spending increases 'don't add up'

Gerry Adams says his party's new billboard is about "reminding people that they were sold a pup" in 2011

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Gerry Adams TD and Finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty TD. Image: Sam Baol/

Sinn Féin says Fine Gael's promises for tax cuts, spending increases and a 'rainy day fund' simply do not add up.

The party has launched a new billboard ad featuring a broken calculator and the slogan that there will be more chaos in health and housing.

Gerry Adams says voters shouldn't be fooled by the promises of the Government parties.

The Sinn Féin leader says, "it's a matter of exposing and reminding people that they were sold a pup at the last election. They were given a whole series of promises and here we go again".

Deputy Adams added that his party's finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty "has punctured the fact that the Fine Gael figures don't add up".

Deputy Doherty said, “Fine Gael has been caught out on its election promises to abolish the USC.  This was the main plank of its campaign but it simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. It has now scrambled its figures to try and make out that there is more fiscal space which allows it to invest in public services while scrapping the USC. 

"This is wrong. Their numbers don’t add up. You can’t allocate 50% to USC cuts, 25% to contingency, 70% to public spending," he added.